The story behind Ophelix

Although Ophelix only emerged in 2021, we have been on quite an eventful journey to get here. One that is characterised by our belief in the value of people and event management companies challenging themselves now and again.

Our story stretches back to 2009, when we took our first steps as a company by the name of Fotspor Event. From day one, we have been passionate about creating experiences and memories that leave a lasting impression. Even so, we have always known that we would one day move on to new endeavours.

Because if you ask us, growth and development come about through sharing stories and new experiences – much like what happens at successful events. That’s why we joined forces with a travel agency in 2018 and changed our name to Get Together.

By then, some of us had been organising seminars and events for companies for a decade, while others had arranged business trips to destinations far and wide. And, just as we suspected, there was much to learn from one another.

With such extensive specialist expertise gathered in one place, it suddenly became much easier to fine-tune trips, meetings and events down to the smallest detail. An advantage that enabled us to meet our clients’ objectives in every respect.

Three years later, we decided it was time to forge our own path again. This time, we called our company Ophelix – a name inspired by our CEO’s children, Felix and Ophelia.

Notwithstanding our youthful existence as Ophelix, we would venture to say that we are mature for our age. With all the experience we have gained along the way, we can now tap into more expertise than ever before when organising events and trips for you as our client.

Today, we have already succeeded in becoming an award-winning agency that offers everything from small and large group trips and virtual events, to conferences and company trips for thousands of employees. We also have specialists who help our customers with everything from booking flights, hotels, conference rooms and entertainment, to developing concepts and content and providing consulting, implementation and technical support.

And regardless of whether we are working on getting your project off to a flying start, facilitating a professional boost or delivering a sensational company party, our goal is always to create lasting memories for all who participate. You see, it’s our belief that we are not the only ones who can evolve and grow stronger through the sharing of experiences and knowledge.


  • 2009: Fotspor Event
  • 2018: Get Together Norway
  • 2021: Ophelix Scandinavia