About the internship

As a Project Assistant, you will support our Project Managers in the following tasks:

  • Event production from A to Z: study of client briefings, venues and suppliers sourcing, working on the presentation, follow up of the online registration program, etc.
  • Destination management: study of the requests, sourcing of accommodation, venues, transportation, and activities off the beaten track, working with a budget, etc.
  • Administrative tasks: updating our working tools, helping with social media, some general administrative duties, light accounting work, etc.

About Ophelix

Ophelix is an award-winning, Scandinavian chain for DMC (Destination Management Company), meetings, and events. Our offices are in Oslo, Arendal, Stockholm, Reykjavik, and Copenhagen. We specialize in both travel and event, and our project managers have more than 30 years’ experience in both areas.

Our expertise and experience ensure the perfect arrangements and we understand our clients and their needs. Thinking out of the box we will tailor an exceptional event, taking into consideration all the client ́s goals and objectives, and paying attention to the smallest details to achieve the desired result. We also keep ourselves updated on all the trends, new activities, venues, restaurants, and hotels – this way the client can turn to us with confidence.

Profile and skills

Are you a dynamic, optimistic, and creative individual with a strong motivation to work in the Event and Travel industry? Do you possess excellent English language skills, both spoken and written, along with proficiency in Microsoft Office? If so, we want to hear from you! Here are just a few of the skills we are seeking:

  • creativity
  • team working
  • problem solving
  • communication with different cultures
  • research and presentation
  • ability to work with deadlines
  • attention to details


Location: Oslo
Internship duration: 20 weeks and more (if you have a summer internship of less than 20 weeks between July and September, you can also apply).
Working hours: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (approx.) Ability to work some days from home and flexibility to work during weekends/evenings when needed during event dates.
Internship start date: whole year.


This is an unpaid internship, but we will pay your flight tickets from your destination, and other private travel expences during the internship,
adding up to maximum 1.000,- euro

Are you interested in working at Ophelix, please send your CV and motivation letter (in English) + internship dates to  


See our internship testimonials below!


“Before I started my Internship at Ophelix I had no idea what to expect of working within the travel and events industry. Within 20 weeks I learned everything about tailoring group trips and events. I also improved myself within written and verbal communication due to all the contact I had with clients and suppliers.

During my internship at Ophelix I got some great opportunities. An example is that I flew from Oslo to Stockholm in my first week to be present as a host on one of the events organized by Ophelix.

By getting a lot of responsibilities and having to step out of my comfort zone often, I got the chance to develop my knowledge and skills at its fullest.

The combination of living and working in the beautiful city of Oslo and the fun I had with my colleagues really makes my internship an unforgettable experience!” – Dimphy Hozee, Breda University of Applied Science, The Netherlands


“In Ophelix, I learned about what I really like to do – what I want to do in the future. I also learned a lot about how to communicate with people and get a better understanding of them and their needs. I definitely recommend an internship at Ophelix. If you actually want to grow, be challenged, and learn – then this is the place to be. Here you will get the value of a good internship, and a place where you can learn and grow so you are much better prepared for a job in the industry. In Ophelix you will get what you earn. If you work hard and show them what you can do, they will give you the opportunities you deserve. The most memorable happening during my stay was for sure the glacier I got to climb on an event on my second day. That was just insane! Besides that, I will always remember an event with some Romanian clients. How stressful it was but also how much I learned then.” Rachelle van Stralen, Breda University of Applied Science, The Netherlands.


“My internship at Ophelix Scandinavia surpassed all my expectations. The team embraced me warmly and treated me as a valued member from day one. The level of responsibility I was given allowed me to develop crucial skills in project management, problem-solving, and effective communication. Engaging in real projects provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the events industry. The international environment fostered my adaptability and cross-cultural communication skills. I highly recommend Ophelix Scandinavia for a remarkable internship experience that prepares you for the professional world.” – Alex Brinzaru, Breda University of Applied Science, The Netherlands.


“During this inspirational 20-week experience, I developed a wealth of knowledge and skills. My ability to communicate effectively, both in writing and verbally, significantly improved due to the numerous phone calls and emails I handled. Moreover, I perfected my time management and adopted a results-oriented approach, because of the tight deadlines.

One of the most valuable takeaways from this experience has been the cultivation of a positive mindset, enabling me to navigate challenges with flexibility.

Working in the vibrant city of Oslo, Norway, provided me with a unique opportunity to engage myself in Norwegian culture and enhance my English proficiency through continuous office interactions.” – Tessa Wouters,Breda University of Applied Science, The Netherlands.


“My internship at Ophelix has given me the opportunity to be an employee in the industry instead of an intern. The time they invested in me was truly amazing and has given me a lot. Actually being treated as an employee of  the company in a very pleasant and fun team to work with, has helped me grow professionally. The responsibilities that come with the job helped me to develop skills as planning and communicating. Skills I was not even aware about that there was still so much to develop in. After this meaningful and educational internship, I feel more prepared for what the future holds!”  Sanne Berende, Breda University of Applied Science, The Netherlands.


”I’ve learned how to work in an international team with international clients and in general how to participate in a working environment. I would recommend applying for an internship at Ophelix to everyone! The atmosphere in the team is so great, and you get a lot of opportunities to grow and develop as a person. I have loved being part of this!” – Catoo, UC Leuven Limburg, Belgium


“When I was working at Ophelix as a Project Assistant, I did researches on venues and suppliers, client briefings, PPT presentations, online registrations, and different administrative tasks. I learned how to deal with project management in the world of events, taking the necessary time to meet client’s needs, being responsible and anticipate every option with suppliers. I would definitely recommend applying for an internship at Ophelix. There’s no better school than working on a real project itself and the team always does its best to meet the market’s expectations.” – Auriane, IAE of Grenoble, France


“Working at Ophelix I was able to learn and improve on a vast range of skills, whilst being supported by my coworkers. These skills included problem solving, communication and leadership. My confidence grew massively throughout my 6 months, and I found that after a while I was really able to take ownership of my work. It was definetly the first time I really felt independent. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone studying in the events/travel industry, it’s a step into the real working world!” – Rose Tholen, Falmouth University, UK


“My internship at Ophelix provided me with valuable hands-on experience in the MICE field. I was able to get to know all parts of the job – working on a client request, shaping a proposal, discussing the details and finally arranging the event for the client. It gave me a better idea about what skills and knowledge I should further improve in my studies. During my internship I was able to work independently on different projects and was thereby able to take over responsibility for my own tasks. I also enjoyed being part of an international team, that works together closely in a great working environment.”Franziska Pabel, FH Westküste, Germany.


“I have made a 6-months internship at Ophelix Sweden in Stockholm and it has been one of the most rewarding professional experiences that I have done! I met great people, learned a lot about working in teams, helping each other, being multi-tasking. I definitely increased my writing and speaking English level thanks to communicating with colleagues, clients and providers. Being on event sites taught me to have an overwiew over the projects you daily work on. I can highly recommand Ophelix as a company where you can grow up profesionnaly and personnaly.” » – Léa Berthomé, IAE Chambéry, Université Savoie Mont Blanc, France


“During my internship at Ophelix I learned how to tailor events from A till Z based on the clients’ needs and wishes. Moreover, I developed my personal competencies which help me grow as an event manager. Creating events with the help of my colleagues was very memorable and enjoyable. I strongly recommend partaking your internship at Ophelix if you want to have a meaningful and educational first-hand experience in the industry.” Marijn Eelman, NHL Stenden University of Applied Science, The Netherlands.


“I have worked at Ophelix Scandinavia in Oslo for six months covering the role of Project Assistant. It was a unique experience; working for this company is very constructive for anybody who would like to be in contact with an international environment and get your hands on many different tasks. I have worked with recruitment activities, stakeholders’ classification, newsletters design, promotion of virtual events and many other day-to-day activities carried out in an office. During the internship, I have learnt how to be an independent leisure professional and communicate with specialists of the sector. I would encourage anyone interested in the MICE industry to apply for such an experience, it will give you a great chance of growing both personally and professionally.” Francesca Tantillo, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences.


“During my internship at Ophelix, I experienced working in an international team and learned how to work with clients from different countries. As a project assistant, I had to do research about destinations, venues, and hotels. Furthermore, I made presentations for the clients and did some administrative tasks. I also got the opportunity to work one of the events, I assisted with organizing the event. A nice way of seeing the result of your work. I would recommend Ophelix for your internship because everybody in the team is kind and willing to learn you as much as possible.” Anouk Kortekaas, Breda University of Applied Science, The Netherlands.


“During my internship at Ophelix I felt part of the team. The pleasant colleagues, interesting projects and nice city were the perfect mix for my internship abroad. I got a lot of responsibility for some projects and learned a lot during my time in the office. I feel more confident as a young professional, I have grown as a person and I feel ready for my first job.” Joni Andries, Karel De Grote University College, Belgium.