Welcome to Copenhagen!

The King’s City is a Nordic mecca, whether you are looking for state-of-the-art conference centres, historic hotels, new Nordic cuisine or the world’s best “smørrebrød” (broad selection of cold cuts and warm fillings primarily served on rye bread). With its perfect mix of tradition, Danish hygge and the latest in European trends, it’s no wonder Copenhagen is a favourite destination for many.

Good accessibility also makes the Danish capital a perfect destination for company trips, meetings and events. No matter what you are planning, the experts at our Copenhagen office can help you tailor a programme that is guaranteed to meet all your expectations.

Are you planning a trip to Copenhagen? We will create a unique programme just for you

Whether you are attending a conference or arranging it yourself, we are ready to help you with both planning and implementation. Our project managers are used to working with all types of customers, and we know what it takes to hammer out a programme that will guarantee that your stay in Copenhagen will be a success.

We can take care of everything from booking flights, hotels and restaurants to planning programmes, excursions and activities – and to ensure that everything is perfect, we always work in close collaboration with you and your group.

We will help you put together an exciting and well-balanced programme

As a combined event and travel agency, we have versatile expertise and extensive experience with all types of group travel and events. That means we also know what is required for your guests and your company to achieve value for money and go home with unique memories.

To that end, our project managers always work to create balanced programmes that provide extra motivation and inspiration. This will ensure that you get the most out of your professional agenda while also having time to enjoy the best Copenhagen has to offer – from shopping on Strøget to drinks in Kødbyen. Or how about simply having your meeting in Tivoli Gardens?

We can help you:

  • book all necessary accommodation and transport in Copenhagen
  • put together and implement a carefully tailored travel plan
  • book all tickets and restaurant reservations in advance
  • plan a balanced programme that creates lifelong memories

Do you have any other questions about planning seminars, conferences or company trips in Copenhagen? Please contact us for a “hyggelig” and informal chat!